domingo, 25 de maio de 2014

New Years' Tale: The Change of Year

Hiya guys!! (again haha!) Right, some more distracting myself from exams... This one is my tale from the season (wooo), it's part of the story Eddie, and yes, it is cannon ;)
Enjoy!! :D
New Years' Tale: The Change of Year
                Karl woke up in the middle of the night. It was 4 in the morning. Another night he had had the same nightmare. It must be the 31st of December. He had woken up in the middle of tremors and sweating, although the temperature remained that of the dead. Karl feared that day, he hated having photographic memory, he loathed who had done it to him.
            He tried to sleep but as soon as he closed his eyes, he saw those clear blue eyes and a sense of guilt invaded him. He should’ve been the one to die, not Kate ... by an act of jealousy, she shot out of the room. Shot out of his life ... it was too late now, thousands of years too late. His immortal soul, forever, would miss her...
            Karl had had enough. He stood up, walked into the living room and laid down watching over Cardiff Bay through a glass wall that he had in his apartment. The night lights of the bay still fascinated this man with over thousands of years. How the world had grown and evolved. Since the race of the un-dead had come, he was chosen as the guardian, agent, and protector. And, over time, he saw this city starting, evolve, grow...
            Unable to sleep, he went out of the house and went for a walk around town. Within an hour, the town would wake up to another day of work for some, a resting day to others and a day to be with the family for several. He walked down the main artery of the city, in every corner expecting to see his wife. He remembered the promises of building a village with him. So often he only wished to have a family, why have immortality if there is no one to share it with? He just wanted to have lived enough to have a child with her and then he would die peacefully. But no, they had to have kidnapped the woman and put a curse upon her. If it wasn’t for Apollo, where would he be now? He gave him immortality, power and made him the guardian. And together, with Apollo’s daughter, they were maintaining the balance of un-dead and human races.
            Sometime later, he entered a pub for lunch. Whilst having lunch, a girl approached him and asked if he was okay. In this modern world, there still existed those who cared about complete strangers with no interests. Amazing! Telling her that he was feeling fine, he finished his lunch and went home where he tried to relax a little more.

            “You sure we’re not bothering him” Eddie asked his beloved Haley.
            “Don’t worry, Karl needs this, I know him well,” Haley answered him, a girl who looked about twenty years old but, in fact, was very close to twenty thousand years of age.
            Karl woke up suddenly with the knock at the door. He knew who it was, that knock was unmistakable, it was about ten in the evening already. Putting on a t-shirt, he opened the door. It was Haley and Eddie, whom he considered to be his children, which wasn’t true. Haley was the daughter of Apollo and Eddie was a shape shifter that Karl had saved. They had visited him, the only things he had left since Kate departed. He remembered that he had agreed to go see the firework display at the bay with them. He put on a woollen sweat-shirt and left.
            In the bay, everyone was ready for the countdown. There were bands playing pop music and everyone was talking excitedly, clearly eager to enter the New Year.
            “I don’t know whether to believe the answer you gave me in the morning. Are you okay?” It was the same girl from the pub. Karl's heart throbbed, a warm feeling flooded through his ​​body.
            “Yes, I'm feeling better.” He answered. She smiled and then began to walk away.
            “Wait!” She looked back and Karl continued “Do you want to celebrate the New Year with us?”
            She smiled and nodded. 
             Half an hour later, the countdown began, followed by the show.
            “Happy New Year everyone!” said Karl.