domingo, 25 de maio de 2014

Chrismas Tale 2: Matilde

Hiya guys!!! :D
Managed to get around and do some more translations because what better way to procrastinate from the algebra exam than to do some translations haha!
Right, this one was posted for Christmas 2012 and written by one of our collaborators Patricia Ferreira, I merely translated it (as always!) :)
Enjoy ;)

Christmas Tale 2: Matilde
Every year Matilde sat on the floor and unwrapped gifts her family gave her, surrounded by love, affection and happiness. She loved writing the letter with the toys she wanted and place it in the mailbox to be sent to Santa.
That year was no different. It was Christmas Eve and Matilde was distractedly playing with a doll, eager for the night to arrive, when her mother came into her room and asked her to show her the toys she no longer played with.
Matilde did not understand why, but she started to split her toys into two groups: the ones she liked and the ones did not like. Then, she looked at her mother and stood watching her put the toys she no longer wanted inside a plastic box.
“What are you doing?” Matilde wanted to know.
“Let's put away toys that you no longer you use and give them to other kids that will use.”
Matilde ran behind his mother and prevented her from leaving your room. She shouted:
“I don’t want to give my toys to any children because they are mine!”
Matilde's mother smiled and put the plastic box on the floor. She knelt down and grabbed one of her hands Matilda.
“I know the toys are yours, Matilde, but isn’t it true that you don’t use them anymore?”
Little Matilde shook her head and said:
“I use them. I don’t want you to give them to anyone!”
Her mother sighed and continued:
“What if you come with me? You’ll meet the children who I was going to give the toys to, and then you’ll decide if you want to keep them or not. What do you think?
Matilde agreed. She put on a very warm coat and walked alongside her mother to a large house with a wreath, made of evergreen branches, and red bows on the door.
When they entered, Matilde noticed the amount of boys and girls that decorated several small Christmas trees. For an instance, Matilde felt embarrassed because she didn’t know anyone, but she went and helped the children put the balls, ribbons and angels in the trees.
After having some fun with the decorations, a mug of hot chocolate was given to each person. Matilda sat next to a boy, gained courage, and asked:
“Why are so many children here?”
The child looked at her and smiled. He told her that many of those children had no parents because they were in heaven, or because they did not want children. Matilde didn’t like what she heard and ran to her mother. She whispered in her mother’s ear what the boy had told her and said she had a lot of pity for them.
Matilde's mother explained to her that she shouldn’t have pity because those kids were happy they had a home, and told her they would not have Christmas presents because they didn’t have a lot of money.
Matilde thought about her mother’s words and remembered that there weren’t any wrappings beneath the Christmas trees, and so, made a decision because all the children should receive toys on Christmas day.
She dragged the box of toys, which was near the kitchen, to the big room and shouted: toys for everyone! The children smiled and ran to the big plastic box that Matilde was to giving them.
When she returned home, Matilde was still thinking of the children living without parents but she knew that, at that time, they were happier because they had their own toys.