quinta-feira, 4 de junho de 2015

A Different World


I know I haven't posted in ageeees, I'm really sorry about that.

However, in the little free time I've had, I have been working on a story which I hope to work on sometime over the summer so I can start posting it! 

This is a little part from it, I hope you enjoy :)

A Different World - Excerpt

'I started to collect some reasonably well-looking berries from a nearby bush when I heard something in some bushes, further into the forest, which startled me. Perhaps it was some sort of game that I could cook! And with those thoughts, I crouched with the blade I had previously found amongst the wreckage, and prepared to hunt. However, to my surprise, what I found was not a beast I had ever seen before. On the ground was a tiny creature not much bigger than my hand. It had a terrified look on its face as it crawled backwards, away from me. It appeared as if it was a tiny person however it had wings! Never in my life had I been told of such creatures existing. Yes there were gods and echidnas, multi-headed beasts and human-looking ones, but never this small nor this handsome. The closest I’d heard of such things were the nymphs, but this was no Nereid.

Upon a closer look, I noticed one her minuscular lime green wings appeared to be torn. Ripping part of my not-so-whole shirt, I made a long gauze. I crouched in front of her, avoiding making sudden movements. Surely, catching her would be much like hunting centaurs.

She curiously stared at me, studying my movements carefully. She said something, however it was in barbarian[1] and I could not understand her blabbers.

I showed her the piece of cloth and demonstrated on my arm my intentions. There was still a hint of mistrust in her hazel eyes but she stopped running away and allowed me to approach her. As I did so, carefully, I reached for her wing and gently applied the cloth, fixing the damage. She hoped off my hand quickly and distanced herself from me. The tiny woman then tested the newly fixed wing. My fixes seemed to have been enough as she was soon flying all around the flowers. However, I was not expecting the green colour which began to shine, surrounding her. Returning to me, she bowed in gratification but she was not done. She started tugging at my hand with her minuscular long fingers, trying to make me follow her. I was quite unsure of whether I should follow her. I had herd of stories of men who had followed similar creatures and ended in a trap. At least that’s what Homer claims happened to Odysseus, in the Odyssey. My insides said otherwise. Hunger was beginning to take over and, honestly, the chances of getting food seemed slim to none, so I followed her.'

[1] Note: Ancient Greeks tend to classify any language/culture foreign to them as barbarian (βάρβαρος)