sábado, 3 de maio de 2014

About The Contributors

Former Participants:
           - Patricia Ferreira 
           - Bruna Rocha

Current Participants:
         - Jaqueline Miguel
- Nânci Santos
- Sara Valente

Jaqueline Miguel
My name is Jaqueline and I was born in January 1994.
I love to read and write since I am known as a person. That like started when my mother read me stories that I thoroughly memorized and then repeated, impressing everyone with a "reading level" impossible for a child of about two years. I learned to read and write very quickly and spent primary school reading as many books as I could. Even then, I started writing short stories with a friend who shared the same like as me.
In 2004, at the age of 10, I started writing my first stories and more serious poems. I received a honourable mention for participating in a short story competition about Christmas Tales. In 2005, they invited me to put poetry in the school’s newspaper, but never told me anything else so it ended up not being put in the newspaper. In 2006 I participated in a competition for BRAVO, a teen magazine, where I had to write the end we wanted for the Harry Potter saga in which I won 1st place. I participated in a poetry competition "A Poesia Saiu À Rua" in 2007, for students up to year 12. 30 students took part in it from the schools of the county of Marinha Grande with 90 poems. I had 3rd place. I also participated in a literary competition of the "Agrupamento de Escolas Nery Capucho" with the theme "O Nascimento do João da Imaginação", which also got 3rd place. I earned several merit diplomas in school for my good representation of the same.
From then, I never participated in any more literary contests, although I would like to, but never stopped writing, and even less reading. They are two things I love more than anything!

Nânci Santos
My name is Nânci. I'm Portuguese but have lived most of my life in the UK. Okay, I'm half Portuguese, half English. I was born in September 1994.
Since I was little I never really liked writing, I've always been more of a mathematics, physics and chemistry person, particularly because you don’t have to write a lot! But then, at age 14, I started reading books that were not comics, and then began to show more interest in reading and writing. But it was only in year 10 that I started writing short stories, encouraged by my friends. I never participated in writing contests, whether they be in English or Portuguese. But now I started to participate in this blog!

Sara Valente
Hello! My name is Sara Valente and I was born in September 1995. I wanted to take part in this blog because, in 1st place, the administrator Jaqueline Miguel is a great friend of mine, and also because (of course) I love writing. I know that I’ve been writing since I was young, but I'm not sure when this was.
I've always loved writing and reading. I remember my mother telling me that when I was little and she would tell me bedtime stories and I practically wouldn’t let her tell the story. I’d start correcting things, such as the places where the character was going or what she would do. Small details that ended up being the whole story.
I can also say that I won a little "competition" that my class did in primary school. A colleague of ours had lost his pencil in classroom, so our teacher had the idea for us to write a short story about "The Pencil That Won Feet" and we illustrated it. That story, along with a drawing by a friend of mine ended up in the school’s newspaper.
In terms of literary preferences, I undoubtedly put in first place books whose stories are of the fantastic type; magical or supernatural; anything that isn’t very realistic. I like to be able to escape reality and create or join alternative, interesting and impossible worlds.