sexta-feira, 5 de julho de 2013

An Arrow That Returned - Chapter 1: The First Encounter

A shocking pink alarm clock rang at 7 am. In the middle of lilac coloured sheets lay Clare. Also known as "Snake, Crazy, Cocky, Bad and Boring" but, of course, it was only known behind her back.
“Hurgh, its seven o’clock already ...” and with that, Clare smacked the alarm clock which fell on the floor, breaking into smithereens.
Suddenly, a West Highland white terrier came in through the door barking, going straight to her bed.
“Tikky! Get off me! Okay, I’ll get up.”
As soon as Clare said that, the little teddy bear, with white curls and red collar, which she calls a dog, jumped out of bed and went racing down the stairs.
Another day had started in the life of Clare.
Clare got up out of bed, put on your favorite outfit: a black miu miu miniskirt that should be for children but was about to be used by a 17 year old girl; a Marks and Spencer top with an outrageous neckline and snake skinned high heel boots. She had to maintain their status as "miss popular", of course. She couldn’t go with any clothes! It had to be the good and the best, as was the family tradition. And as such, Clare, within eight months, would be in the University of Oxford, on the other side of the world, as her father was a great businessman and had wide pockets.
“Honey, are you ready? Your breakfast is on the table,” Said a female voice, with a posh accent on the other side of the bedroom door, but Clare didn’t hear. She was in her private bathroom, filling her green eyes with mascara, completing her “daily makeup”.
When he opened the door of the bathroom, she ran into a lady in her 40s with blond, curly, short hair. She had beautiful green eyes, like her daughter, Clare.
“What are you doing here mother?” Clare inquired with her thin, sharp, just on the right tone of irritating, voice.
“I was calling you to go and have breakfast. The maid has put everything on the table,” Her mother answered in her, equally annoying, nasal voice.
Clare finished touching up her makeup and huge blonde hair and went down the marble staircase to the dining room, which could fit about ten people sitting around the table.
“Mother, has father not returned yet?” Clare asked when she saw the table full of freshly done toasts, fruit, but no one there to eat those delicacies.
“Your father hasn’t returned from Nice yet,” said her mother, sighing, sitting in front of her on the table and readying herself to eat.
Clare sighed. It was a very rare occasion for her to see her father. He was always traveling and on meetings and, when he came home, it was for a short time as her mother would begin to argue with him.
Clare finished her breakfast which consisted in a sample of toast, she mustn’t overlook her weight, after all, an English size six was very difficult to keep; a glass of passion and carrot fruit juice, prescribed by her private dietician, and, finally, a papaya. She entered her convertible Audi and was the way to school.
Her Audi was like a second home to her. She just went in it and drove without destination, to the sound of your favorite music, which was in the number one position in America or France or England. Driving was like a tranquilizer for Clare. It was the best she had in life! That is, when she wasn’t too busy being the popular girl in her school.
Her oasis ended quickly as she had just reached her school and had her loyal group of followers around her. They would’ve been there waiting for her nearly half an hour before she arrived.
“Clare!” One said. She was a near duplicate of her except for her curly brown hair and the arrogant look.
Clare greeted them and started walking up to the front door of the college when the sound of a blue Harley Davidson Rocker C 2008 ripped through the air as it came into the park and parked within 50 meters of where Clare was standing, who was dazzled, looking at its driver. At school, there weren’t a lot of people who owned a motorbike, let alone one of those. It was a really flashy bike with silver flames and, in the middle of them, there was some kind of a wooden, stone-tipped arrow. Like those used in an archery bow long ago.
It was weird! It seemed to be more like a symbol rather than just a vinyl.
In the meantime, the driver took off his helmet. He had golden, wavy hair. His trousers were half worn through, like the latest fashion, but they still looked new, and he also had a leather jacket. Clare wondered who this guy was...
Clare knew all the beautiful boys of the school, city and surrounding areas but she had never seen him. He must’ve recently changed, or in other terms, the previous day. If he had moved any earlier than that, she would have known by now.
“Shall we get going? The bell’s gone.” Asked Rose, a blond girl with blue eyes and a dumb look that had nothing to do with her hair and eye colour. Clare got distracted by with the question and lost sight of the boy. Too bad, she thought. 
They went into the building where they were going to have their lessons.
“Have you heard the latest?” Rose asked, clearly looking to sting since Clare distracted, and she took the opportunity. “TG left that disgusting Melanie. You have green light to make your move.”
TG, Tyler Griffins, the most popular boy in school, beautiful, strong, athletic, charming, romantic, aka MY EX.
“And what's that got to do with me?” Clare replied, clearly uninterested, especially because she had moved on, a few minutes ago more precisely.
They passed through the classrooms of each other, right next to one another, only Clare’s was around the hall, which was useful: it gave Clare a few minutes of peace and, most importantly, it was right next to the lockers. Amidst the confusion, Clare made her way through the hall, with her nerve racking style of walk.
Around the corner, a sweet and sour, soft and strong aroma filled her senses. It seemed to be apple with cinnamon and at the same time the sea breeze on a summer day, but that quickly ended because she bumped into someone around the corner, thanks to her intoxication. Luckily no one saw as the hallway was empty and where she came from, no one could see.
Throughout the floor, there was a mix of books, notebooks, bags, pencils, pens, jackets ... even both of them ended up in the floor. Clare was about to say to watch where he was going until she noticed that she’d bumped into boy with the motorcycle.
“I'm sorry,” Said the young man with a deep, masculine voice. His eyes pierced the soul of Clare. Wow, she'd never seen eyes like that ... they were magnificent.
“I was trying to go to room 68 but got lost along the way.” He continued. She didn’t know why, but she noticed a certain familiarity. She knew what it was. Her brother! He was quite like him ... Clare remembered as a huge sadness invaded her. She hadn’t seen her brother since ... since he was disowned for running away with the maid! This happened about five years ago and left a great emptiness in her because he was a great support for her. Almost like a father.
“Um, it’s the classroom next to mine, I'll take you there,” Clare replied, slightly choked by the knot that had formed in her throat.
“I haven’t even introduced myself, I'm E ... Caleb,” The boy said, a little agitated. Clare noticed a tattoo on his right forearm of the same symbol that the motorcycle had when he stretched to get one of his books. This time, Caleb only had a jumper with the sleeves rolled up.
“Clare.” She told him as they were nearly reaching the classrooms.
“So, I’ll see you later.” And with that, Clare bade him farewell. Crossing the hall, the only thing she could think of was in his green, mystical eyes.