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Hunger - Chapter 1: The Hunt

NOTE: This tale IS NOT mine, I merely translated it into English, the original author of it is the contributor Jaqueline Miguel.

New moon, perfect for hunting.
With visibility practically null, the juvenile moose can only guide itself through its hearing and hyper-sensitivity to smell, but today it wasn’t going to do him any good. The wind is in my favor and I'm practically inaudible.
Eating the green grass of late fall, the moose is distracted. It is the perfect time.
With a quick move, the moose only notices me when my mouth is inches from his neck. Quickly, I bite his neck and, with a little strain, I separate its spine. Dying almost immediately, the moose vanish in blood.
While the meat is still hot, I devour its back thighs, where the meat is tenderer and less greasy, scraping the skin with my paws. I end my huge meal, half way through, fully satisfied.
I don’t hide the half-eaten corpse. In times of scarcity, I would have to hide it to eat it later, however, here in Anchorage, Alaska; there are moose in abundance. It’s even considered a destructive pest.
I hear a distant howl, followed by another. It’s my parents. It was time to go home.
Running through the beautiful forest near the suburbs, I appreciate the wonderful feeling of the wind flowing through my black fur.
It didn’t take more than five minutes to get to the ledge that separates civilization from the forest, where a huge, black wolf, the size of a polar bear, aka Laurence Wolford, banker and my father, is waiting for me. From the blood on his muzzle, paws and belly, he’d had a great hunt. A chocolate brown wolf, much smaller than my father and slightly smaller than me, my mother, had arrived, and brought, in her mouth, a bunch of clothes that were hidden under bushes.
We changed. Despite being a bit embarrassing to get dressed in front of our parents, to me, it was normal. Since I was seven, which I didn’t even measure up to my dad’s two-metre huge waist, I was already hunting rabbits and other small animals.
We went to my dad's SUV up to our simple but spacious home.
After a long, hot and delicious bath I went to bed and landed shortly.
The hunger is sated … at least for now, it always comes back.
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